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Estimated Motor Output Horsepower

  1. Use this basic calculator to estimate the horsepower loading of an electric motor under field conditions without knowing the power factor. This method requires you to know the amp load under no-load conditions.
  2. No Load Amps = Measures Amperage with Motor Uncoupled.
  3. Full Load Amps = Motors Name Plate FLA
  4. Acutual Amps = Mesured Running Amperage at Load Conditions.
  1. (1) Source: Bigger is not Always Better, Pumps & Systems Magazine, May 2006, written by Thomas Bishop, Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (314-993-1269), pages 58 to 60.
Step 1: Estimated Motor Output Horsepower
1.1 Nameplate HP
1.2 Full Load Amps
1.3 No Load Amps
1.4 Actual Amps
Step 2: Solve
2.1 Proof steps
2.2 Solve for Estimated Motor Output Horsepower