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Orifice Flow

  1. This calculator allows you to determine how much flow you can get through an orifice given a known pressure drop. You are required to select an orifice constant based on the geometry of your orifice.
  2. Go to the link below to find the flow constant for your orifice type: http://www.mcnallyinstitute.com/13-html/13-12.htm
  1. This calculation is only valid for fluids with viscosity similar to water,
  2. If you are making calculations for a liquid other than water you will have to factor in the viscosity of that liquid compared to water.
  1. Source: http://www.mcnallyinstitute.com/13-html/13-12.htm
Step 1: Liquid Flow Orifice Sizing
Based on viscosity of water
1.1 Diameter of hole (inches)
1.2 Pressure across orifice (psi)
1.3 Specific gravity
1.4 Orifice constant
Step 2: Solve
2.1 Proof steps
2.2 Solve for Liquid Flow Orifice Sizing