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Pump Efficiency with Electric Motor Driver

  1. This calculator can be used to determine the mechanical efficiency (ηp) of a centrifugal pump, assuming it is directly driven by an electric motor. To use this calculator you must be able to:
  2. measure pump suction and discharge pressure
  3. measure pump flow
  4. measure motor power
  5. know the mechanical efficiency (ηm) of the electric motor
  6. Note: If the electric motor is operating at partial load, make sure you use its efficiency corresponding to actual load condition.
  1. All data is taken at the same pump conditions, i.e. flow, pressures, and speed.
  2. Electric motor efficiencies at full and partial loads are known.
  3. Viscosity correction for the pumped fluid is not required.


Input 5 of 6 variables to solve for the unknown.Help
ηpPump Efficiency
PdDischarge Pressure
PsSuction Pressure
ηmMotor Efficiency
KWElectrical Power